Foundation Course

PCB Design School

Foundation Course

Duration: 4 days

£1399 pp (+VAT) face to face
£1699 pp (+VAT) online

The Foundation Course is the school’s base level course, which we present in an uncomplicated way, and forms the basis of everything we believe in. Basically, it’s our DNA.

Every building requires a solid foundation and this course is ours, thus allowing us to set a quality-controlled standard which leads down a pathway that every PCB Designer could, would and should want to follow. We believe in a HANDS-ON personal approach, so our courses are presented by experienced, dedicated tutors.

The course is presented using the latest leading PCB Designer Software. Even though the course is presented using Altium Designer the course is still suitable for Students who work on any of the other PCB Design packages worldwide, as the principles we teach, and believe in, apply across all platforms. We are teaching the ART of PCB Design not a specific software make.

The Foundation Course is designed for anyone of any level of experience and even for those students with no electronics knowledge can benefit from attending the Foundation Course. It is ideally suited for Electronic Graduates, Laboratory Technicians, junior and experienced Electronic Engineers who now find themselves tasked by their employers to take on the PCB Design role as well.

This course will formulise the way in which you think and approach future PCB Designs. We will present you with examples, ideas, skills and tricks of the trade that will allow you to become a more imaginative, better and rounded PCB Designer.

Allow us to give you the confidence you need “We really want to”

The Foundation Course covers many subjects including:

  • Layer stack definition
  • Library Creation and Control, Standard Analogue and Digital Components
  • 3D Step models
  • Track, Gap and Power plane requirements
  • Placement and Routing of Analogue circuits
  • Placement and Routing of Digital circuits
  • DRC Error checking
  • Outputting for Manufacture
  • Daily Question and Answer Session

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