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Printed Circuit Board Designers an endangered species

For over two decades the Electronics industry has neglected to provide PCB Designer training. The average age of a PCB Designer today is in their late 50s to early 60s. We cannot afford another lost decade because, if we do, all their 20, 30 or 40 years of skill and expertise will have disappeared forever.

PCB Designers are truly on the endangered species list.

Electronic Graduates and Electronic Engineers, Junior and Senior, are now being tasked with filling the PCB Designer’s role, whether they want to or not.

The PCB Design School has been set up to provide training courses to fill this skills gap.

The Foundation Course is a must for anyone now expected to provide PCB Designs. Even experienced Engineers will benefit from attending our 4-day course. The School also provides Courses such as Power Design and Advanced Routing that follow on from the School’s bedrock Foundation Course.

There has never been a better time to specialise in PCB Design.

Three very different course objectives.

The School's curriculum at present has set three Courses, the first of which is the Foundation Course. This Course gives your Designs a solid base from which even experienced Electronic Engineers will benefit. Developed by PCB Designers with a wealth of experience in a variety of Electronic fields such as Tele-communications, Motorsport, Oil and Gas Safety, Nuclear, Defence, Electric Power Motors and many other fields.

The Power Design Course and the Advanced Routing Course follow on from the Foundation Course, but with different motives and objectives.

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