Essential EMC Course

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Essential EMC Course

Duration: 1 day

£250 pp (+VAT) face to face

The Essential EMC Course is for design engineers and their managers interested in the cost-effective design, layout, manufacturing and assembly practices for printed circuit boards (PCBs) needed in 2023 to help control financial risks.

Every two years, on average, every type of semiconductor that is available on the market goes through a die-shrink, which makes their emissions and immunity worse. This applies to older device types, like 74-series TTL and HCMOS, as well as to the latest microprocessors, FPGAs and memories, so designing with the same old parts does not protect us from this problem. So PCB design techniques must continually advance for us to design PCBs in a way that doesn’t cause Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI) or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems.

Special PCB design/layout techniques are generally needed when resonances in PCB structures are excited by the frequencies present in the analogue, digital or power supply current waveforms. Such techniques are becoming increasingly essential for all PCBs that use high-speed processing or data, and are covered in this course.

The course covers many subjects including:

  • Saving time and money
  • Scope and application of these design and layout techniques
  • EM Zoning (i.e. circuit segregation)
  • Interface analysis, filtering, and suppression
  • Planes for 0V(GND) and other power rails (PWR)
  • RF-bonding PCB Reference Planes at EM Zone boundaries
  • Power supply decoupling
  • Switching power converters (inc. AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-AC, etc.)
  • Matched transmission line techniques
  • Layer stacking and trace routing
  • Devices with BGA packages and/or multiple DC power rails
  • Some useful references, sources and webinars

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